A teacher on a mission.


Adam Parson knows how to get the most out of a dancer. With insight, diligence and a laser focus he makes sure each dancer he encounters gets the right kind of training.  Trained by some of the best dance masters in the business and studying individually, he has evolved into a teacher with a distinct voice. He was one of Dance Spirit Magazines "One to watch" and American Dance Magazine said "Parson's brand of training churns out unstoppable dancers"
He super proud of his trained students turned working dancers who have worked in many industry platforms such as: La La Land, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Madonna, So You Think You Can Dance, Britney Spears, The Muppets, Wicked on Broadway,  Bring it on, Kylie Minogue, Memphis, The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards and his own Commonality Dance Company.  
Adam is a resident teacher at the Edge Performing Arts Center and American Music and Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and globally, creating choreography and giving workshops globally in Sweden, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, England, Norway, Mexico,  New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Kenya.



Ashley Seldon

Tour Dancer, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Neyo

"As a student from Adam Parson's, I learned that I will never grow as a dancer if I don't take the appropriate steps on my own to be better. My work ethic, dedication, and going the extra mile in training and conditioning always stemmed from that extra push Adam always gave me along with never letting me slide to be even a tad less then my full potential!"

Tyne Stecklein

Dancer, Actress, Dancing with the Stars, Burlesque, Rock of Ages, LXD

"Adam Parson is one of the best dance teachers I have ever had! He has the ability to pull the absolute most out of you as a dancer, artist, and person so that you use every ounce of your capability. He helps you find your strengths as an individual, and yet pushes you to constantly grow and challenge yourself. I think that training with Adam helped me to stand out from the crowd in auditions and job settings!"

Marvin Ryan

Actor/Dancer Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, X Factor, Cheetah Girls,

Adam is a teacher who will push to get the best out of you every time. For those who are serious about their craft and want to be an amazing dancer, this is where star quality is born. Adam taught me to look deeper. He told me, "Don't get blinded by the move itself. Listen to the music. How is it telling you to move as opposed to what the actual steps are? As an Artist, it is up to you to interpret this and deliver." Once I truly understood what this meant, it changed my dancing from catching someone's attention to keeping someone's attention. If you want to be a star, this is what you must achieve.

Chelsea Michener

Accomplished Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor and Nationals Judge

Adam has an uncanny ability to make every single dancer in the room feel important. You can feel that he values your presence from the moment you step into class. He gives personal corrections and let's you know that he sees what is special about you. Then he takes that special quality and crafts it into something spectacular. Training under Adam Parson will intensify your love for dance and your confidence.

Adam's Teaching Schedule!

Kairos Dance Convention

June 29-30 Wellington
July 6-7 Auckland

Conero Dance Festival

July 9 - 14Ancona, Italy

Stylize Productions

July 14-19 Zurich, Switzerland

Performing Arts Studios

July 28-29 Munich, Germany

Studio B Tel Aviv, Israel

August 1

7:30pm Jazz/Lyrical Class www.studiob.co.il

Circle Studios/Artship Rotterdam

Aug 6-10
10:30am Circle www.circle.dance
7pm/815 Artship https://bit.ly/2KfGlqM