Welcome to The Full Dance Card Online Training Program! We work with trained dancers around the world who aren’t sure or don’t know how to take the next step towards their dance career.  In our programs, we work on making a better, self realized artist who is in command of their dancing.  A dancer who gets equipped with the right tools for success. We design a timeline to keep you on track to the career you desire! 


Adam Parson knows how to get the most out of a dancer. With insight, diligence and a laser focus, he makes sure each dancer he encounters gets the right kind of training.  Trained by some of the best dance masters in the business and combined with his personal knowledge for dance, he has evolved into a teacher with a distinct voice. He was one of Dance Spirit Magazine's "One to Watch" and American Dance Magazine said "Parson's brand of training churns out unstoppable dancers."
His trained dancers have blossomed into working artists, who have worked in many industry platforms such  as:  Beyonce, Hamilton on Broadway, La La Land, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Usher, Britney Spears, The Muppets, Wicked on Broadway,  Bring It On, The Voice, Dreamgirls,  Memphis on Broadway, The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards and his own Commonality Dance Company. 

Now, it's your turn.  



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I work with you to create a personalized point-by-point course to help unblock and create a focused mind.


We'll enhance your dancing with with online classes with Adam and his exclusive international staff, giving you access to your full potential.


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Ashley Seldon

Tour Dancer, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Neyo

"As a student from Adam Parson's, I learned that I will never grow as a dancer if I don't take the appropriate steps on my own to be better. My work ethic, dedication, and going the extra mile in training and conditioning always stemmed from that extra push Adam always gave me along with never letting me slide to be even a tad less then my full potential!"

Zac Brazenas

Tour Dancer, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Jlo, Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion, Pink, Cher, Sam Smith, Jonas Brothers, Tinashe, Ricky Martin

Adam inspired me to come to the USA and pursue my dreams from a single class. He is not only an incredible teacher of dance, he is also a DANCE EDUCATOR. His classes are inspiring and pushed me beyond what I had been pushed before. He is tough but loving and has not only inspired me but now Adam inspires my students as well. After completing 60 classes at the Edge we asked our students privately who was their favorite teacher and 9 out of 10 of them said Adam. Adams class is a masterclass in technique, musicality and style, and he sees EVERYONE in the class. He truly gave me the foundation to have the career I have had for the last 17 years."

Hannah Douglass

Beyonce, La La Land, Glee, Iron Man 2, Nike.

"Adam Parson’s gift as a teacher is undeniable. He pushed me as a dancer to places I never even dreamed I could go. His class was ever evolving and expanding, and as his student, I was ever evolving and expanding. He manages to look past surface level facility, see things in his students that they never could never see in themselves, and bring out individuality and greatness. His classroom is safe, inspiring, loving, and electric. One of the most beautiful things about Adam’s teaching is that no two students come out of his process dancing the same. We come out as the strongest possible versions of ourselves, and with all the tools necessary to take on the world. I was constantly kept on my toes, lovingly pushed beyond my limits both physically and mentally, and exposed to new and different styles of dance and music every single day. I would not be the dancer or person I am today without Adam Parson’s guidance, and I am eternally grateful for his profound impact on my dance career and my life.”

Khasan Brailsford

Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, LaLa Land.

"I honestly don't know if I have ever been pushed harder as a dancer than I have by Adam . He has a way of lighting a fire in you and getting you to work at your maximum potential and won’t settle for anything less. It's not just about the steps in his class, he gives you the tools you need to succeed in the professional world. In his class you are conditioning, you are working on technique, you are performing, you are learning a good work ethic, and you are having fun while doing it. Ive carried the discipline and passion i’ve learned from being his student throughout my career."

Brittany Perry-Russell

The Voice, Honey 2, Sparkle, The Campaign, Tropic Thunder, Glee

Adam Parson is one of the best instructors in the industry. His love and enthusiasm for teaching inspired me beyond measure as a young dancer beginning my career. Parson's classes provide dancers with a solid technical foundation while challenging them with fresh and exciting movement. Furthermore, Adam's ability to connect with his pupils creates a safe space for them to learn, explore, and grow. When I reflect on my journey as an entertainer, I can say with great certainty his lessons of technical excellence, musicality, artistry, and relentless work ethic had a profound impact on my career. Adam Parson pushes you not only to discover new heights with your body, but to always connect with your soul.

Valentino Vladimirov

Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, RuPauls Drag Race,

Adam Parson is one of the greatest artists I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. His originality, passion, and his heart is what makes his artistry so unique. The time I’ve spent in his class, I’ve learned so much more than dance steps. As an educator, Adam knows how to push his students past their limits while keeping them honest and true. He creates an environment where you feel safe to explore, to adjust ,and to find freedom. Adam has made me a stronger, more confident dancer, and has thought me how to be a storyteller. He challenged me, the way he challenges all of his students, to dig deeper and go further. To find the intention and understand how each piece of music will require something special in order to bring life to the movement. Adam helped me build the foundation for my career and I am forever grateful for the time spent with him.

Tyne Stecklein

Dancer, Actress, Dancing with the Stars, Burlesque, Rock of Ages, LXD

"Adam Parson is one of the best dance teachers I have ever had! He has the ability to pull the absolute most out of you as a dancer, artist, and person so that you use every ounce of your capability. He helps you find your strengths as an individual, and yet pushes you to constantly grow and challenge yourself. I think that training with Adam helped me to stand out from the crowd in auditions and job settings!"

Dominic Chaiduang

Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Paul McCartney, Dream Girls, La La Land

“Adam is a true master teacher in every sense of the word. His class taught me to be both a dynamic performer and agile mover. Training with Adam installed in me the work ethic, passion, and dedication I needed in order to sustain a professional dance career. He teaches with his whole heart and draws from his students to dance from theirs."

Marlon Pelayo

Mary Poppins Returns, Cher, Selena, Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Emmys

There was nothing like being in Adams class, his attention to style and finesse transformed me into a dancer that could be fast but still calm. Adam has been a foundation for my training ever since and I’ve continued to apply his fast paced suave into every move I make. I’ve learned how to crave space with a quality that is unmatched. His rhythmic soul and groove intertwined with precision taught me what it is to dance like a creature from another world. I’ve cried , laughed and explored many avenues in the way I move because when I entered Adams class .. I knew I had to give it my all and sometimes I fell short. Pure lessons teach you again and again. It helped me understand discipline only a master can teach. The truth of his genius lies in his ability to gradually mold anybody with integrity. Anyone can get good at dance but with Adam .. I become a dancer that has longevity. I hold his lessons in my back pocket as a secret weapon that was endowed onto me. Every year I come to a realization of how special I really am to have Adam’s vision imprinted on me.

Chelsea Michener

Accomplished Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor and Nationals Judge

"Adam has an uncanny ability to make every single dancer in the room feel important. You can feel that he values your presence from the moment you step into class. He gives personal corrections and let's you know that he sees what is special about you. Then he takes that special quality and crafts it into something spectacular. Training under Adam Parson will intensify your love for dance and your confidence."

Marvin Ryan

Actor/Dancer Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, X Factor, Cheetah Girls,

"Adam is a teacher who will push to get the best out of you every time. For those who are serious about their craft and want to be an amazing dancer, this is where star quality is born. Adam taught me to look deeper. He told me, "Don't get blinded by the move itself. Listen to the music. How is it telling you to move as opposed to what the actual steps are? As an Artist, it is up to you to interpret this and deliver." Once I truly understood what this meant, it changed my dancing from catching someone's attention to keeping someone's attention. If you want to be a star, this is what you must achieve."

Dashi Mitchell

Wicked, Ensemble and Dance Captain at Hamilton

Adam Parson was the teacher that showed me being good wasn’t enough. That striving for excellence and pushing yourself to be extraordinary allows you to be your best self in life. I will always be forever grateful for him pushing me past comfort and giving the knowledge that I can succeed at being a professional performer. His skills and love for the arts creates exceptional dancers! I’m just privileged that I was one of his students in my years of training.