Signature Works


“The Conference”


“Assassin’s Tango”


“Gypsy Rhapsody”




“Snows In April”





At a Glance:

Artistic Director

Adam Parson


Shannon Novak

Lachlan McCarthy

David Contreras

Jazz Dillingham


Chelsea Michner

Andrew Diolata

Rika Aizu

Jess Rohr

Jerrell Johnson

Choreographer Adam Parson founded Commonality Dance Company in 2002 to give technical, talented,  Los Angeles dancers of different backgrounds, an opportunity to use their skills through his choreography and direction. The power of the company, our diversity of dancers, and our commonality of passionate dancing, demonstrating that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you are from, you are related to the people in your community and the world. With dancers from countries such as Japan, France, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, and the U.S., Commonality Dance Company’s diversity unfolds as they bring their own unique energies from their respective countries. The commonality of the dancers is the precision and quality executed through the movements of Adam Parson.

Commonality garnered international attention when they were invited to perform with the top 3 dance companies in  Seoul, Korea in “Future = Dance” a sold out event.  They have also toured  Germany, Switzerland and  Italy (Naples, San Marino, Rimini, Rome) and were personally invited to perform for the 1st prima ballerina of Ballet de Folklorico de Mexico, in Mexico City, the Black Choreographers Festival in D.C., and the International Fashion Design Awards in Beverly Hills, CA.

Commonality Dance Company has had 7  full-length productions, 3 of them in Los Angeles with “YOU I THEM”, “Essentials” and “The Nvitationl”  which were  sold out events and received rave reviews from the Los Angeles Times as well as from the top agencies in Los Angeles. Four other global  productions included “Traffic” “Future = Dance”,  “Inbetween Time” and “Premier” held at the famous Kongress Haus in Zurch.

Individually, the dancers have performed in all forms of media and with some of the best in the entertainment industry, ranging from artists such as Reba MacIntyre, Paul McCartney, Television shows and movies such as 3rd Rock From the Sun, Peep Show, FAME L.A., Pepsi commercials, Target commercials; Industrials such as Schwarzkopf Hair,International, Nordstroms, Redken, Reebok; and stage shows such as “the Nutcracker” with The Gilbert Reed Ballet, Ballet “Rodeo” at the White House, “ Quotes” at Los Angeles Theatre Company and “Arte Poetica” at the Nate Holden Theater.